How To Clean Wood Burner Glass

If you want to clean the glass on your wood burner don’t be fooled into thinking that you need to go out and buy some specific purpose made cleaning agent from your wood burner supplier. All you need is a bowl of water, a few sheets of newspaper, 5 minutes and a small amount of ash from inside the burner.

Obviously wait until the burner and ash inside has completely cooled before starting the clean.

1. Scrunch up a sheet of newspaper and dip in the bowl of water to moisten then dip in the ashes.

2. Rub the ash/paper on the inside of the burner door in small circular motions. You should soon start to see the soot come away from the glass, leaving a milky residue.

3. Once you have cleaned a small area use a clean piece of newspaper to rub away the residue.

4. Repeat over all of the glass door and you should be left with a nice clean burner door.



What Causes Soot on Wood Burner Glass?

  • Not burning wood at a high enough temperature
  • Burning wet or unseasoned wood
  • Not having enough draft or airflow when burning (open the vents slightly to resolve)

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    what woodburner is this one i love it and have been looking for one with the flue to the side and cant find one i like! this is gorgeous!


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