Fig Tree Care

Position – Fig trees are Mediterranean plants so choose a really well sheltered spot in the garden. Ideally somewhere near a wall that will absorb the sun’s heat during the day and radiate it at night.

Type of pots – Fig trees grow quickly. Left unchecked their roots will spread resulting in huge trees with masses of foliage and not much ripe fruit. In order to get the best crops, restrict root growth by growing in pots. Pot up each year up to a maximum size of a half barrel. Don’t worry too much about your fig tree getting root bound.

March – Time to pot on your fig tree. Aim to pot on to a pot between 5-10cm larger each year. A soil compost such as John Innes No.3 is ideal and always pot your tree 4cm deeper than it was before. Water well once repotted. Assuming the plant has more than one stem, pinch out the growing tips to help divert strength to the roots. Even if you are not potting on you should remove the plant from the pot and cut off about 25% of the rootball every 2-3 years before repotting with fresh compost.

Late March is the time pruning. Cut out any dead wood and thin the branches to allow air and light to circulate around the plant.

fig tree careimage by fsse8info

April – Start to feed your fig trees with a high potash feed – a liquid tomato feed is ideal. Once a week will normally suffice.

June – By now growth should be rampant. Pinch out the growing tip of your fig tree after about 5 leaves

September – In late September remove any fruit smaller than a pea. These won’t ripen and will divert  energy away from foliage growth and ultimately next years crop.

December – If pot grown move your fig tree inside to avoid the harsh frosts. A garden shed or cold greenhouse is ideal. Once the tree has gone dormant light isn’t really required. Just ensure you keep the soil moist but not too wet.

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