Aqualisa Quartz Shower Not Working – How to Fix It

One of the most common reasons for a Aqualisa Quartz shower unit to suddenly stop working is an air lock in the system. If you’ve experienced a power cut or have had to drain your hot/cold water tanks recently then an air lock is likely to be the cause.

The main symptom of an air lock is that when you turn the shower on no water comes out of the shower head. After trying a few times (turning the shower on and off )you may find that all of a sudden no lights appear on the control dial altogether.

Aqualisa Quartz Shower Fix

How to Fix An Air Lock In Your Electric Shower System

The good news is an air lock is relatively straightforward to fix. It should only take you a few minutes and won’t need any tools or plumbing skills.

The control unit may have to be reset if none of the lights are on and no water is coming from the shower head.  This is simply a case of locating the control unit (usually in the loft or the airing cupboard) and switching the power off for 30 seconds, then back on again.

Here’s a picture of the pump/control unit which in our case is located in the airing cupboard near the bathroom.

Aqualisa Pump/Control Unit

Before turning the shower unit back on remove the shower head from the hose and let the hose dangle to the floor. This will reduce the pressure required to get water back through the system to the absolute minimum.

Next simply turn the dial to the coldest setting then turn the shower on. Let it run for a few seconds and hopefully you’ll get some spluttering of water out of the hose. If not, turn the shower off, wait a few seconds and try again.

When you turn the shower on and assuming some water is coming out, try leaving it on for a few seconds longer each time before switching it off. You should notice the spluttering decrease and more water come out of the hose each time.

Once water is running constantly from the hose slowly turn the temperature up a little at a time. Hopefully now there will be enough pressure in the pipes to ‘pull’ the hot water through the system.

If the above doesn’t work simply try turning the dial to the hottest setting instead and work backwards to the cooler temperatures.


15 thoughts on “Aqualisa Quartz Shower Not Working – How to Fix It

  1. andy

    shower wouldnt turn on – got onto aqualisa website and did online chat – was told shower out of warranty and they could repair for £500+ or replace with new shower for £800 plus vat
    googled problem, found this site and followed instructions and yes it was air lock and shower now working

    top bloke for putting this on, many thanks saved us hundreds……….

  2. Stephen

    Hi, just reading this and hoping you can help me too. My Aqualisa 9.5 is intermittently working – when you switch it on the blue light flashes on and you can hear it trying to start. You can repeat this several times and sometimes it kicks in and other times you need to leave it for a day. I haven’t been able to get it started now for two days…..any ideas???? Thanks

  3. Simon

    This has just saved my bacon!!

    Shower stopped working, only 3 years old.

    Was about to ring a plumber but your instructions sorted for me!

    Big thank you!

  4. ralph Grosskopf

    tried it all and water runs for 30 seconds on cold and slows down to nothing with pump making crazy noises.

    1. James Post author


      Sounds odd. Any hot water coming through? Did you try starting off with the temperature turned either all the way to cold/hot to start with then gradually turning the temperature the other way while the water is still running? Sounds like you’ve got a particularly nasty air lock.

  5. Kathryn

    What a life saver, was about to give up and ring to get someone out to fix then found your post. Worked first time.
    Though I don’t seem to have an obvious on off switch on my system, so just switched the mains supply off and did the same job!

    Amazing thank you 🙂

  6. Heather

    Hi James, this is exactly what’s happening to mine – sorry for daft question but what do you mean by the shower control unit? Do you mean the shower pull cord or the shower fuse (in our garage). Keen to try this fix to hopefully save having to replace shower.

    1. James Post author


      The ‘control unit’ is the pump and unit that controls the flower rate etc. It’s a black box with several pipes coming out of it…it will be usually in the loft or in a nearby airing cupboard. IN fact i’ll add a picture to the post above…

  7. Andy

    I have a similar issue with an Aqualisa Quartz 9.5. It’s about 3 years old and never had issue with it. However I recently for some unknown reason turned the mains switch off on the landing and now it won’t work. When I press the on button the light comes on for a split second and sometimes the odd drop of water comes out of the head. Surely the electronics aren’t that sensitive for an issue to occur following simply turning the power off? Tried turning off for 30 secs as mentioned but no luck. Any other suggestions?

    1. James Post author

      Sorry to hear that – sounds like it is an electrical fault of some kind in the control/pump unit. Sounds like a job for the plumber i’m afraid.

  8. Chris

    Literally saved me £500+ I was quoted! Coming off a night shift and needing a shower, I was up in the loft at 12am but it worked!


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