Time to Sow

Well, with the noticeably warmer weather it’s definitely time to get some seeds in the ground. I’ve already got lots going in the greenhouse (more on that later) but have only now got round to getting some seeds in the vegetable patch. First in the ground this year are some Boltard beetroot and some Saxa 2 radish.

Radish & Beetroot Seeds

Veg Patch


As you can see in the bottom photo, last years perpetual spinach and chard are still growing strong and producing plenty of tasty leaves. Also there are even a few leeks that are finally getting anything near thick enough to eat.

I’m not sure why but I have failed the last two years to grow decent leeks, maybe i’m not watering them enough but they never seem to get much thicker than a pencil. The ground they were in was night and light, well dug with plenty of nutrients. I’m undecided if i’ll try again this year or give something else a go.

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