Mint is an impossible plant to kill. This plant is about 5 years old, taken from a cutting from another plant. It’s been left abused in a pot in shady spots for months, its dried out in fill sun and not been watered. No matter how badly i treat it every spring it bursts back to health and puts on lots of fresh growth.


Mint In a Pot

Mint is very vigorous an can take over borders. As a result it’s best to keep it in a pot  to stop it spreading. We keep ours in a large pot, next to the herb garden by the back door. The leaves are great for adding to salads or for garnishing deserts.

Another great way of using the leaves is to make your own mint tea. Simply click off about 5 leaves and add then to a cup of boiling water…couldn’t be simpler or more refreshing!

Home Grown Mint Tea

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