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iPhone 4s Unable to Delete Emails

I recently hadf a problem on my iPhone 4s where i was unable to delet mails from one of my mailboxes. Everytime i tried to delete an email from the inbox in question I got an error stating ‘Unable to move message to folder Trash’. Here is the simple fix that solved the issue for me.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Select Mail, Contacts, Calanders
  3. Select the mail box affected
  4. Select Advanced
  5. Select Deleted Mailbox
  6. Click on Trash (even though it may already be checked)

As soon as I did this ti was suddenly able to successfully delete emails form my inbox again. Simples!

iPhone – How to See How Much Data I Use

With many mobile phone companies removing their unlimited data tarriffs many iphone users are worried about how much data they use and how much they may be charged in the future.

How To Check Your iPhone Usage

Navigate to the Settings application on your iphone then navigate to General > Usage. Down near the bottom of the screen you’ll see a Cellular Network Data – this tells you how much data you have both received and send.

iphone data usage

iphone data useage

You can reset this data by hitting the bottom of the screen. If you tariff has a monthly allowance you can simply reset the statistics every month. Below the reset button is the date the data was last reset.